MPA Presented at 2016 World Congress Summit on Bundled Payments

Susan Nedza, MD, MBA, Vice President of Clinical Outcomes, presented at the 2016 World Congress Summit on Bundled Payments in Atlanta, GA. Her presentation was titled Bundled Payment Models: Best Practices in Contracting with Private Payers.

A great deal of the discussion about bundled payments to date is centered on CMS’s BPCI pilot and proposed CCJR that will impact traditional Medicare enrollees. However, private payers are not waiting for the results of CMS efforts to roll out their own bundled payment contracts. In this session, hear what private payers look for when making bundled payment contracts and discuss best practices in partnering with payers to improve clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of care for Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and commercially insured members.

  • Understand how private payers’ interests in episode-based payment models differ from those of CMS
  • Discuss strategies for building partnerships with private payers around bundled payment models that build upon current delivery models such as PCMH and ACOs
  • Understand what data analyses health systems need to have completed in order to negotiate bundled payment contracts with private payers
  • Hear what data requests health systems should seek from payers that will support ongoing analysis and inform care redesign to ensure long-term partnerships across the continuum of care