MPA's Payment Reform: Clinical Intelligence, clinical intelligence

Clinical Strategy

MPA Healthcare Solutions began almost 30 years ago as a research organization devoted to bringing about cost-effective care. We have published research in over 50 peer-reviewed publications. But our work isn’t limited to academic research. In fact, today MPA Healthcare Solutions does the majority of its research for non-academic health organizations. We employ a team of seasoned clinicians, statisticians, mathematicians, and programmers who understand clinical and financial risk. We conduct deep, actionable analyses that improve outcomes and reduce costs for our clients. The range of work we do crosses the care continuum. Some projects we might perform for your organization:


In order to succeed in the changing landscape of healthcare your organization must first understand its current outcomes, how those outcomes compare with local and national benchmarks, and how alternative payment models will affect you. MPA Healthcare Solutions can help you build this foundation.

Independent Evaluation

When you implement a new program or simply want to reevaluate an older one, a key question is “Does this program improve outcomes?” Whether it is an entire care pathway or a specific product along that pathway MPA Healthcare Solutions can provide you a data-driven analysis that will tell you what is working and what isn’t—and why.

Research & Development

MPA Healthcare Solutions can be an extension of your R&D efforts. We can develop improved care pathways or help you understand patient populations. We can help you identify ineffective or inefficient care. We can look at the comparative effectiveness of different venues and types of care, how to augment databases to improve predictive models, and how to improve risk adjustment to better anticipate costs.

Emergency Department Optimization

MPA Healthcare Solutions understands how to optimize ED effectiveness and efficiency to be successful. Whether it is risk-based contracting, bundled payment programs, partnering with Accountable Care Organizations, or qualifying for MACRA APM criteria, we can help. Our solutions are grouped into a suite of solutions for hospitals and ED groups known collectively as ED Integrate. They allow you to assess, improve, and monitor your emergency department so that you can integrate it into alternate payment programs.

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