MPA Healthcare Solutions is a leader in healthcare data analytics, combining deep clinical expertise with the best of machine learning, AI, and traditional statistical techniques to help our clients understand and manage risk, evaluate and improve outcomes, and reduce costs.


MPA will be the central infomediary for effective, efficient, sustainable healthcare marketplaces that rely on accurate, valid and objective information to realize the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.


MPA transforms data into actionable information that guides healthcare stakeholders and promotes appropriate, high quality, affordable healthcare.

Our Leadership Team

Gregory Pine
Michael Pine, MD, MBA
Founder and President
Donald Fry, MD
Executive Vice President, Clinical Outcomes
Susan Nedza, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President, Clinical Outcomes
Carlos Orue
Vice President, Operations & Engineering



First and foremost, we take responsibility for delivering the highest standard of reliable, unbiased, objective analyses that reflect the data and a valid interpretation of results


We value diversity in all its forms and value our differences in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives as assets.  When shared constructively and in a spirit of collaboration, they enhance each individual’s personal and professional growth and allow us to achieve more thoughtful and creative solutions.


We are endlessly curious, diligently seeking the truth and committed to continuous learning and improvement.


Never satisfied with the status quo, we thrive on making our analyses and solutions more relevant, insightful, and actionable.


As members of the MPA family, we value and support each other in achieving both personal and professional goals and take pride in making a meaningful difference for our colleagues, for our clients, and for society as a whole.