Who we are

MPA Healthcare Solutions is a leader in healthcare data analytics, combining deep clinical expertise with the best of machine learning, AI, and traditional statistical techniques to help our clients understand and manage risk, evaluate and improve outcomes, and reduce costs.  We are the nation’s foremost experts in risk-adjustment and our work regularly appears prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

MPA is proud to be one of the first organizations to receive VRDC Innovator status from CMS, giving us access to 100% of CMS data.

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How you benefit

Risk Adjustment

Utilize proper and accurate risk-adjusted predictive models to remove the effects of case severity and transform healthcare data into actionable information about quality, cost, and their relationship.

ACOs and Alternative Payment Models (APM)

Capitalize on best-in-class analytics to accurately understand current clinical and financial performance, quantify risk and opportunities, negotiate prices, and fairly incentivize partners to achieve alignment.

Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Care Redesign

Leverage superior risk-adjustment and industry-leading analytics to correctly understand clinical and financial performance, improve outcomes, guide resource utilization, and generate significant savings.

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