Nearly thirty years confronting the challenges of monitoring and improving the clinical quality and cost-effectiveness of health care.

MPA Healthcare Solutions’ ground-breaking solutions have become industry standards and have helped establish our clients as industry leaders. Our latest contribution, GlobalPRIME™, provides an analytical infrastructure that supports healthcare market reforms to create a practical, consumer-driven healthcare market.

We recognized the inadequacy of available techniques for measuring clinical quality early.

To address this deficiency, MPA Healthcare Solutions have developed and refined some of the most sophisticated, powerful, and practical quality assessment methods in existence. Our developmental efforts have expanded to include all aspects of value-based purchasing, with particular emphasis on properly aligning incentives to reward coordinated, effective, efficient care.

Our contributions have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed publications.

The implementation of our techniques, particularly in the area of improving the power and usefulness of risk-adjustment methods in clinical quality assessment, has allowed clients to focus their quality improvement efforts and realize significant cost savings.


MPA Healthcare Solutions regularly serves all the major participants in the health care marketplace – providers, purchasers, financial intermediaries, professional societies, and information specialists. Meeting the needs of such a diverse client base gives us a unique perspective and understanding that are invaluable in creating practical, real-world solutions that leave our clients with a lasting market advantage.

Innovative work in the areas of:

  • Consumer-driven healthcare
  • Pay-for-performance
  • Network formation
  • Quality improvement

Our work for the Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Coronary Services Network, profiled in the Wall Street Journal, created the first generation of pay-for-performance systems. We also were intimately involved with Bridges to Excellence and Disclosure Project initiatives from their inception.

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